hs renovation presentation

Closet system: Standard vs Custom – Majority vote rules

  • Standard closet system is available from chain retailers and is made from consumer grade manufactured wood and veneer. Cost is 50% less but has no warranty and may be discontinued at any time.
  • Custom closet is built of commercial grade manufactured wood and veneer. Drawers are built out of 3/4-inch material. Comes with a lifetime warrantee and is manufactured to spec in Kamloops. Design may be revised based on feedback.

Cabinet color: Option 1 (darker) vs Option 2 (lighter) – Majority vote rules

  • Option 1 is more closely matched to new dining set color, existing headboard and nightstands. This option will have more consistency from panel to panel with the darker stain pigment.
  • Option 2 is lighter and emphasizes the wood grain more. It will have larger color variation from panel to panel and against other furniture as the stain has a lighter pigment.

Accent wall color: Blue vs Green – Owner selection

  • Blue wall color will accentuate winter artwork and adds modern contrast to room.
  • Green wall color will compliment summer artwork and has a warmer feel.
  • Curtains will be installed in the same color as the accent wall

Artwork: Summer and Winter selection – Owner selection

  • Owners may select 1 summer and 1 winter piece for their room based on a selection of options.

Furniture accent fabric: Option 1 vs Option 2 – Owner selection

  • Owners may select an accent fabric for the accent cushions for their sofa bed
  • Sofa base color is a textured neutral medium grey in high durability fabric

TV console, Dining set, Iron storage, new fireplace border, Kitchen countertop and appliances

  • These pieces have been selected and are for display purposes.