Professional Hot Tub Service & Sales at Sun Peaks

Bear Country offers professional Hot Tub Service & Sales for Sun Peaks Resort

  • Licensed Beachcomber Hot Tub Dealer
  • Can service and repair all brands.
  • Certified water chemistry technicians
  • Certified service and repair technicians on staff.
  • Bear Country Staff are available to you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your piece of mind.

Hot Tub Sales

Hot Tub Service & Sales

Bear Country is the oldest, most professional, and committed management company at Sun Peaks.

Not only do we rent and manage some of the finest Chalets, Town Homes, and Condos, but we also maintain 185+ hot tubs in Sun Peaks.

Looking after all those hot tubs in Sun Peaks has given us a wealth of knowledge, so when we considered selling hot tubs, with all that experience, the choice for us was absolutely clear.

It would be Beachcomber Hot Tubs.

Quality, dependability, and dealer support make them the best!

Please stop in to discuss your current hot tub, or the wide selection of new hot tubs that Beachcomber offers!

If you are looking for a hot tub in Sun Peaks, you need look no further than Bear Country.

Our experts can help you create an entire backyard resort around your new Beachcomber Hot Tub in Sun Peaks.

Here is the link to our Beachcomber Hot Tubs Page

Hot Tub Services

Hot Tub Service & Sales

Bear Country has a team of factory trained hot tub technicians and Certified Pool Operators who can help with your water chemistry or mechanical questions.

With affordable monthly payments from as little as $90, or discounts for yearly advance payments, Bear Country has a service program to suit your needs.

Our service fees include:

  • Checking Water Quality, Levels and Chemistry and adding the following Chemicals as needed:
    • Chlorine
    • PH and Alkalinity
    • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Regular inspections to ensure Water Clarity
  • Ensure Temperature levels are correctly set & Basic Pool Cleanliness
  • Check surrounding areas for garbage and remove as necessary
  • Snow and Dust removal from lids

Our on mountain staff are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week in case of emergencies.


In the event that your Hot Tub requires a repair, we have a wide range of parts in stock to minimize the amount of time that your Hot Tub is “out of order”.

Please contact us today to discuss your Hot Tub Service & Sales needs with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Prices are listed in Canadian dollar. Subject to change without notice. Taxes will apply.